Julia Pipiras provides unique, intuitive body work that allows the body to unwind from chronic pain by honing in on specific points that coax the muscles into releasing.  In addition, Julia has incorporated health coaching into her whole-body healing modalities.



Cranio Sacral Unwinding

Julia uses cranio sacral therapy to gently influence the brain and central nervous system, allowing the whole body to release barriers to relief from pain and tension, making way for healthy functioning systems of the body.

Intuitively Guided Massage

Julia has the intuitiveness to hone in on areas of the body that need releasing.  Her manual manipulation (massage) technique coaxes the areas of concern into surrender, bringing relief from acute and chronic pain, tension and stiffness.

Health Coaching

Applying the natural techniques and protocols of renowned integrative physician, Dr. W. Lee Cowden, Julia guides people to optimal health, freeing the body from chronic issues.


Julia Pipiras has been working as a massage therapist since 1998, after completing training at the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in Sarasota, Florida.  Having been lit up by a holistic healing practitioner at the young age of 15, she knew that healing was her passion.  She delighted in offering friends and family massage, and studied with various mentors before and after her training in Florida.  She received Reiki attunement and training, as well as Shamballa, (similar to Reiki).  She has studied a specific cranio-sacral technique, learning with different mentors as well as an introductory course provided at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA.

Once licensed as a massage therapist, she spent the first 5 years working with chiropractors, mainly in rehabilitation of patients after car accidents.  This gave her the platform with which to deeply focus on areas of concern and work them out.  She has developed her own style and technique after the many years in her practice.  Although her original background is energetic work, the bulk of her experience is in manual manipulation (massage).  She has the ability to hone in on specific points that need releasing, and the technique to be able to coax the muscles to release, sometimes with gentleness, and sometimes with deep pressure.   The idea is to ride the edge so that the journey of releasing feels good throughout the session.  She has been able to help people unwind from chronic pain and holding, especially if seen over time.

In the winter of 2017 her journey led her to an Integrative medical doctor that lit her soul up.  Dr. Lee Cowden is well-known internationally for his work in pioneering protocols for advanced cancer, Lyme, Autism, Parkinson’s and more.  Inspired to share his work brought her to a new path… Julia has the blessing of Dr. Lee Cowden to assist people along in their Cowden protocols, to administer various treatments and scanning that Dr. Cowden uses, and to connect patients with him or other doctors in his network if they so desire.



$150 / 90 minutes

  • Cranio Sacral Unwinding
  • Intuitively Guided Massage

Health Coaching

$70 / hour

  • Health Coaching



“Julia was able to read and respond to exactly what I needed on my healing journey. I felt safe and supported in my healing. My sense of self had expanded and I felt a lasting change after just one session. Thank you, Julia”

Laura Gelman

“Julia’s intuitive nature guided her to just the spots that need healing.  Her massage techniques brought long-lasting relief from issues that I had for years. Thank you, Julia! ”


“Julia gives the most amazing massage that will relax and revitalize you. I have been going to her for several years and she has genuinely succeeded with her warm and soothing personality to bring me to a place of pure bliss. She has also helped me with recurring shoulder injuries with a gifted healing touch. I strongly recommend Julia to anyone who appreciates an extremely high quality massage with sound techniques, or to those who simply wish to escape the stresses of life for an hour or more!”

Erick Street

“It’s hard for me to put into words the impact of Julia’s work for me, but I can say that after a session with her, I stand straighter and taller, with a much greater sense of ease in my body.  I feel aligned in a profound way that lasts. ”

Rhonda Baccus

“Julia’s massage technique is truly therapeutic.  Having struggled with physical limitations and pain following hip replacement surgery 7 months ago.  Julia’s focused and deeply intuitive method has brought me pain relief and much greater mobility as well as a feeling of connection and intimacy with my own body.  Thank you Julia.”


“Julia is  the best.  She has a way of going to the exact spots that really need it, with the perfect amount of pressure.  She has a way of doing it that feels so good.  I also feel that she is connected to some higher power at the same time.  The only part that I don’t like is that I now can’t go to any other massage therapists, they just don’t compare!”

Maria Cervigni



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